I act fun and loud. I laugh I smile I jump I shout I scream. All I wanna do is just to get rid of all the sadness in my heart. Its hard for me to breathe nowadays. Im so stressed out. Im so pissed off. Im tired of everything. Im finding life meaningless. Im finding everything will just fade away without us noticing.

I laugh out loud and everyone thinks I get crazy I am mad I am outta control. They just wouldnt know that actually right deep inside my heart is bleeding, my heart is crying. And I am scared that once I stop it, the pain will come out to the surface and I wont be able to keep the tears away. Im scared that I just cant stop myself from crying out loud. So I just laugh.

I am actually pretending that I am happy.

P/s: The happiest person you see everytime is the one who cry themselves to bed every night.

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