I need a break.

Alright, I know I abandoned my blog for a long time.
There are too many to update in this few months.
Anyway, this will be a short update as I've already lost my so-called blogging mood.
Urghh, latest update, view my facebook will do.

Don't mean to be emo, but life nowadays are dead boring.
Final is coming in October, every morning when I open my eyes, STUDY.
It's too much to study, A-levels is not that easy.
I have chosen my path, and I will never give up, never disappoint my mum.

Sudden, my tiny voice keep whispering to me. I do miss my sis, Nabila Aziz.


You will never know, the feeling of saying goodbye to your close friends.
She is friendly and caring.
We are still keeping in touch now.
We used to talk in the midnight until we both fall asleep together.
I'm used to not doing any housework at home but don't know why I can feel the tiredness of my sister where she's the one who doing all the housework.

I appreciate her, till now.
Thank you, my love :)

Ewwww, disgusting. im a empty bottle now, soooo empty.
Dull life with exams.
Oh come on 11th October.

That's all for now. Tired.

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