Yeah! Very punctual today.
Get up early and ready to go to school at 6.45am
Exactly, well done Syahadah :D

Maths is killing me. Anyone could save me?
Why? Why can't I improve just a bit more in this bloody subject?
Aren't you think it's so unfair to me?
Why they have the brain for Maths but I do not have?
What can I do?
Screwed up :X

There's a necessity for me to do something! Urgently!

I'm worrying my Maths. Very anxious and frustrated.
Gimme some suggestion, please.
I do not want this A to fly away from me.
This isn't what I want.
It gonna ruin my entire hard work and great effort.
I need help.
I need a good tutor in Form 4 Maths syllabus!
Sigh. Sob. Seek.

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