I'm so so sleepy now.

And I've done alot of things. This week

- Get sick just for a day

- Manage borrow 2 book called "Marley and Me", " Vampire Diaries" for the first time and this year but just touches a few pages.

- Manage borrowed a new reference book and miss its due date. Awww T.T

- I manage to mess up my ROOM with my REFERENCE BOOKS and Note.. Etc etc

Seriously. It is stuck inside of phone. I misplace the hole. Something like that and accidenltly put the memory card into the wrong place then i had been stucked inside of my phone. And that really happened to me=.=

- Manage to enjoy the romantic scence at my school and it is like genting highland. Yeah

- Manage to saw some dudes playing under the romantic weather

- Manage to download all the song I wanted, just now.

- Manage to get my pen drives out of memory again. It is full again=.=" too many songs le

- Manage to solve the first page of a maths

- Get frightend in the night by thunderstorm. Not kidding

- Manage to missed Tom Estrada so bad. Well, that is including too :-D

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