So that awkward?

1. It’s not an awkward moment when someone you fucking trust betray you.

2. It’s not an awkward moment when your bestfriend are the one who spreading all the rumors about you. Huarghhh yawning.

3. It’s not an awkward moment when people are judging your iman through the way you dressed and the way you talk. NEXT!

4. It’s not an awkward moment when people nowadays prefer to update all things about religion by using Facebook and Twitter just to impress people. Oh boring, next.

5. It’s not an awkward moment when there’s a lot of Munafik people outside.

6. It’s not an awkward moment when people underestimate your knowledge about your own religion.

It’s not an awkward moment anymore people, it’s a common things happen in our society. The next thing you’ll do to impress people is you solat in front of them. Show your iman to human, not to God. Your circle is the one who will judge you, not God. Do you need to tell the whole world that you’re praying 5 times complete? That’s riak but it’s not an awkward moment anymore. And one more thing not considered as awkward anymore is when someone you trust and loved most keep on judging and exaggerate stories about you. That’s common. Kak limah betul lah you all ni.

Yesterday still can be considered as past, we cannot play it back even if we can repeat it but it will be not same as yesterday. Just let go of what happen yesterday. Ask yourself, ISLAMKAH AKU? When people are already apologize to you and you’re the one who unwilling to forgive them. How Islam are you? Did you know that 3 hari tak bertegur sesama Islam adalah salah dalam Islam? Sorry, my language is a bit kelamkabut aiii fail jadi ustazah.

It’s better for you just to shut up and mind your own business rather than busy think of others problems. One more thing to be added, I never ask this people to interfere on my business. Pretty funny when someone are trying to fix everything for you, thanks dear but never mind I’ll do it alone. Maybe you want to impress someone you liked, but dear, who are you again?

Bless this fact, we’re IT generation. Everything is judged through Facebook and Twitter. We’re IT generation dude! People are more trusting the social networking and youtube rather than trusting the holy book. No offense here, I’m just saying facts that it’s not an awkward moment anymore if this scenery happens in your circle. I faced it already. How about you?

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