The Last Day of 2011

Days became weeks, and weeks morphed into year. 2011 eventually come to an end.
I promised, I wanna end up my year with a broad smile :)))
2011 is so contented, I wouldn't deny :)
Guess that I've examined the ingredients of life, which are experiences :)
Mak ayah, I promise 2012, I'll study smarter, harder and cut down on my activities.
I'll concentrate fully on studies. I promise you !
I'll always remember :
'' If your paths are meant to cross again in a few years,
it will. But no one can predict what the future holds. ''

I wanna get straight A's and make it a perfection in my last Uniform exam.
My school life is a wonderful ones. Being an activist in school makes my days :)


'' A new year, a new start ''
It's time to forget all the bad things and those sad memories in 2011 and only remember those joyful moments you spent with friends and family and your loved ones. It's also time to face new challenges, make some new friends and hang out with old buddies. Never forget those who are a big influence in you life especially friends. Finally, cry less and smile more. Cause a smile a day keeps EMO away. Stay pretty :))
I guess, I've given my overworked mind a break by immersing myself in relaxing life to recharge my batteries. 2011, It was like a speed hump on my journey reminding me to be present and to slow down because I was going too fast. Realized, pure and uninterrupted silence can work wonders for the soul.

Hahahah :D Life is not all about seriousness and spreadsheets.
Syahadah still the same Syahadah. So makes an exquisite and unique figure calls.


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