Selamat Tahun Baru

My very first entry for 2012, though no one cares.

Holla 2012, I heard people are talking shit about you. Saying that you gonna be the last new year we would celebrate. People are talking shit about you dude. If I were in your shoes, I would kick them in their face and break their nose. Okay that sounds horrible. 2012, even though people bad mouthing about you, I hope you ain't treat me the way you treat them. Please don't break my heart. I shouldn't say this to you, I should pray to God please make me stronger to face 2012's upcoming troubles.

Overall in 2011, everything went balanced. There're some months where I feel so happy until I forget where I am. He treat me nicely and there're also some months where that motherfucker treat me so bad until I feel like cutting his head off. 2011 also were the best year where I finally found my happiness, which is here, at home. What do you deeply feel when you're in the middle of someone's relationship. Is it guilty? That was my most terrible moment ever in 2011, and I hope that everything will vanish in 2012. Please! To be honest until now I still can't forget what you guys did to me. It's awful.

I take back my words, smartphone did not kill anything. It depends on us, how we spend our time with the loved one. Okay this is so bias.

I hope Gemuk would get pregnant this year. Hihi

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