I am not that lucky, I am lucky but you're luckier than me. I wish I was you sometimes because you're not depending on anyone. You’re depending on yourself. Yes sometimes deep inside your broken heart you're lonely, because you need someone to cure all the wounds but you have to be grateful to Him because He let you live your life by not depending on others. Unlike me who just too broke to break up. Yes, I admit. I am too broke and that is why I need someone to fill up everything for me. It's not like we're using people, it's just one brilliant way for a better life.

Goodbye is the hardest, but if you really want to please wait until my SPM ends, then we'll go to our own path. I'd choose the other road where we'll not meet each other anymore and you'll be free, for good.

There is no point putting my cats picture into this post. Hehh

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